How to Prepare for the Coming Depression Part 1 – Food Supply

September 06, 2009 Category: Outdoors and Preparedness

The threat of a second economic crash or runaway inflation are both very real in today’s economy. In the event that America were to enter into a full on Depression would you be prepared?

There are many things people need to survive, however food and water is the most important. What have you done to secure a lasting food source for your family?

Harry Dent Discusses The Coming Depression

August 19, 2009 Category: Money and Finances

We’re not out of the water yet. Back in march Harry Dent predicts that in 2009 we will level off for a period then in 2010 or 2011 is when the major bubble will burst. Citing possible Dow Jones index at 3500 levels. So far HSDent Financial predictions have been right on. Take this advice carefully.

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